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Progressive, functional chinos in a minimalist execution. The Flux Weave is an airy, open fabric that allows your body to breathe, making Women’s Aerial Pants a very comfortable option both for everyday use and outdoor adventures.

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Sometimes we find a fabric that almost designs a garment for us. The Flux Weave is a fabric made from 85% recycled polyester and 15% virgin polyester. It has all the benefits of a synthetic performance fabric. It is light, stretchy, quick-drying and very tough. But it also has the touch and feel of a natural fabric: A living structure, softness and pleasant breathability.

This fabric has then been cut in a timeless, minimalistic form that works in any context. If you prefer to get your Aerial Pants dirty in the woods or keep them clean at the office is up to you. The light, tough fabric and versatile cut will handle both with ease. Hidden drawcords make it easy to tighten the leg endings over climbing shoes or hiking boots.

We can highly recommend Women’s Aerial Pants to anyone that is looking for a pair of pants with all the functional benefits of a performance garment in a clean, minimalistic form.

When your Women’s Aerial Pants are worn out, please don’t throw them away. They are designed for circularity and the material can be recycled and used again. Return them to a Houdini recycling unit in one of our stores or at selected retailers.

  • Regular tapered fit
  • Light fabric with an open structure
  • High breathability
  • Quick-drying
  • Hidden security pocket with zipper
  • Adjustable leg endings
  • Belt loops
  • Fabric is made in 85% recycled fibers
  • Fabric is fully recyclable
  • Weight women’s medium: 276 g
  • Fabric produced in Japan
  • Garment produced in Portugal



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Houdini: W's Aerial Pants

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