DryTide: Duffle bag 50L


  • 100% vanntett
  • Ekstremt robust materiale
  • Lett å organisere
  • Flyter på vannet


Produktet sendes samme kveld som du bestiller (søndag – fredag), og leveres innen 2-5 dager

Daypacken er laget av et 100% vanntett og utrolig robust materiale. Det gjør at den passer bra til helgeturer i by, natur, biltur og båttur.

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DryTide Waterproof Duffel Bag is a perfect bag for travels and trips when you don’t have to carry your bags around for a long time. Kayak trip, boat trip, stand up paddle trip, throwing the bag into the snow, protecting your gear from water, storing wet wetsuits in your car, storing other wet gear, desert travel, motorbike travel, back of the pickup truck and simply a regular duffel that just happens to be waterproof. Whenever you want to keep your belongings dry and you don’t need to carry them around all the time the waterproof duffel bag is perfect. Why?

The main benefit of a duffel bag is in the huge top opening. It makes all your things easily accessible. No more digging into the backpack and searching for things, everything is out in the open. If you have to carry it, DryTide waterproof duffel bag makes it really easy to move around. Bag has a comfortable padded shoulder strap, two top carrying handles and two side handles, that help you move the bag around when it is full and heavy.

DryTide waterproof duffel bag also has plastic loops that can be used to attach the duffel bag to things like motorbike, boat, top of the car etc…using straps or bungee cords. Bikers will also be glad that the bag has reflecting print on all sides so you and the bag are better visible in the night!

Other features include an external pocket for smaller items like your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses etc… External pocket comes with a waterproof zipper making it waterproof. This means you can leave you phone inside the pocket when things get wet. Other bags usually make external pockets only splash proof, but  we believe that if the bag is waterproof so should be the external pockets.

Bag also has internal mesh pockets for storing smaller items so they don’t get lost inside the duffel bag and you always know where they are.

How Much Gear Can The 50l Waterproof Duffel Bag Carry?

The duffel bag can take around 50 liters of gear. This makes is the perfect size for weekend trips, when you want to pack all your gear into one bag or for longer trips with more bags.

An example of what the bag can comfortably fit is in the following photo: